Event Publicity Policy and Advertising

The roster of the Twin Cities Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (TCAGO) comprises 300+ members. An event that would be of interest to organists, choir directors, and organ/choir aficionados may be advertised online and in print through the TCAGO in a variety of ways. Note that most methods are free to current members, except as noted.

Please note the changes in contact information for publicity.

TCAGO E-mail Blast and Social Media

Event publicity may be done on the TCAGO e-mail list and through TCAGO's social media channels (Facebook, Instagram). There is no fee for current members. For non-members there is a fee of $20 per announcement, payable in advance, or pay online. Make check payable to TCAGO and send to Jeremy Haug at the address below. The announcement itself should be sent via e-mail to Jeremy Haug. The notice of the event will be sent to the TCAGO membership once the check is received.

Jeremy Haug
8600 Medicine Lake Road
New Hope, MN 55427

TCAGO newsletter -- Pipenotes Calendar

You may list your concert or event in the Pipenotes monthly newsletter Calendar (Sept–June; combined Dec/Jan issue), free of charge and for members only. Please e-mail Jeremy Haug by the 15th of the preceding month to be included in the Pipenotes calendar.

Pipedreams at Minnesota Public Radio

Free to both members and non-members, you may advertise on the Pipedreams Regional Organ Events Calendar by sending your information to Michael Barone.

A Message from Michael Barone:

About the Organ Calendar, scheduling future organ events, and PIPEDREAMS promotion:

We’re into the New Year which brings with it new challenges and new plans for the next concert season (September 2022-2023). Reflecting on a confluence of recent organ activities…not necessarily a bad thing…I’d remind you to consult the online Regional Organ Events Calendar when you are making future plans, and/or contact me when you have something either in mind or already scheduled. I will list all future events as soon as I know about them, allowing the Calendar to be something of a scheduling map to help prevent unnecessary conflicts.

Even if a conflict is inevitable, please do send me your scheduled organ event information, as I will publicize it both online and in the weekly Calendar announcements at 7 a.m. during Sunday’s PIPEDREAMS broadcasts on YourClassicalMPR.

In an a gesture of collegiality, I would very much appreciate your cooperation in providing a listing about PIPEDREAMS in the programs you print for any organ event you play (or sponsor) in the Upper Midwest. I happily promote you and hope that you will happily promote PIPEDREAMS.

Pipedreams listing in a Word .docx

We hope you enjoy today’s program and remind you that organ music in its infinite variety is featured every week on American Public Media’s PIPEDREAMS as broadcast throughout the upper Midwest on Sunday mornings from 6 to 8 a.m. on the network stations of YourClassicalMPR (KSJN-99.5FM in the Twin Cities*) and available globally 24/7 online at www.pipedreams.org. PIPEDREAMS is celebrating its 40th anniversary in national syndication, a record in broadcast history.

*Please insert your appropriate Classical MPR station information if you are outside the Twin Cities.

Call or email me with any questions or concerns. Thanks for your cooperation!

—Michael Barone – 651-485-1094 – mbarone@mpr.org

Buy Ad Space

You may purchase advertising space (often a business card) on the website and/or in the Pipenotes newsletter. For details, see Buy Ad Space

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